Thursday, December 26, 2013

Getting Organized in the New Year

For some time now I have been wanting to get a personal planner or organizer for myself.

I blame youtube for that.  While surfing various journaling videos I came across some people showing how they set up their planners, and how they decorate their "Week on 2 Page" spreads, and I was hooked.

Suddenly, despite the fact that I never really go anywhere or do anything, I wanted a Filofax of my very own!  But then I learned that a Filofax is VERY pricy.  Some people own dozens of them, but on our tight family budget I couldn't even afford ONE.

Still, I wanted a Filofax, so I kept looking.  There were a few less costly ones, but they were also less impressive.  In particular I was looking at a Filofax Per Domino Red.  I almost ordered it, but talked myself out of it.  At around $26, once you add $7 in shipping charges it was still more than I was willing to spend on a planner that I might not even keep using.

So I started exploring OTHER options.  I even bought a plain 3 ring binder and started searching for a free daily planner template online that I could use to fill it with.   I didn't HATE that one, but it was too unwieldy to carry around with me. 

So I kept looking until I found something decent.

The one I settled on getting was the PlanAhead Personal Daily Weekly/Montly Planner Organizer in black/red.  (it also comes in brown/green and blue/brown).  It was only $7.99 with free shipping so it was totally in my price range.  I liked the red/black color scheme.  It was the same size as a Filofax personal.  It didn't have many reviews but the were all decent.

I received it today and I've decided its BEAUTIFUL!  The black is a canvas fabric, and the red is a shiny pleather.  I think I'm in love!

Though the pages are the same size as a personal sized Filofax, it looks a lot bigger on the internet than in preson.  I can't do exactly what I wanted to with it, but its just PERFECT for putting in my purse and keeping track of mine and my husbands work.

I'm planning on doing a video "walk-through" of it that I'll share later.

For now  I also want to give HUGE kudos to the seller VMInnovations.  I placed my order for this planner on December 22.  I hoped only to get it BEFORE Jan 1st and that was all that mattered at the time I ordered it.  Not only did it come before the 1st, it only took 4 days to reach me. And those days included Christmas Eve and Christmas day!  So, for a seller who was offering free shipping on a simple $8 item, they didn't waste any time sending it to me.  I'm VERY happy with their service!


The items I talked about are all available on Amazon.  I'm not being paid or compensated in any way to review them, BUT, as an Amazon Associate I do get a small commission if you purchase them through one of my links!


  1. I need a planner! I've been looking around too. I will check this one out. I need more amazon earned to order at this point so that I can get free shipping, but will keep this post in mind.

    1. If it helps, this item is shipped for free without having to have the $35 minimum order. The company that sells it ships it free.

  2. I have had my day runner planner for over 10 years now maybe even longer. I love it although I now use online and on our digital devices much more I still find myself going back to my day runner which I paid $25 for over 10 years ago marked down from about $70. It is red, leather, and holds up year after year and believe it or not I can still find refills for it, although it does get harder each year.

  3. I loooove planners. Kind of unhealthy fixated on them, I'm planning (see what I did there?) to make my own line of them and working diligently on making the ultimate life-organizer. ;D love the one you've shared here.


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