Monday, November 11, 2013

Squidoo Sunday (on a Monday) - 11/11

Hello again to all my Squidoo friends.  Welcome to Squidoo Sunday, the special MONDAY edition.

I apologize for going MIA for so long.  I know that dissapearing off the face of the internet is NO WAY to get a new hop going and growing!

Due to the delay I will not be featuring a lens from the last hop.

I will, however, say that you should go to ALL the lenses of my single linker from the last link up!

Marsha is one of the very first lensmasters I ever "met" and is a BIG part of the reason I signed up for Squidoo in the first place. Like me she is a crafter, and I love to browse any and all of her crafty lenses.
Seriously, go visit her lensmaster page and give all of her lenses a good reading!

Oh, I almost forgot!  MARSHA32 also has a blog, and she also has a weekly lens hop!  Her's are on Thursdays at Marsha's Spot.

Meanwhile, I broke out of my own squidoo funk long enough to to create a new lens!

I know, that hasn't happened in FOREVER.

I was inspired by the So Crafty quest to talk about our favorite craft supply.  I ended up writing about the 4M Recycled Paper Beads Kit that I've been using a TON lately.
Now is the part that evryone loves.  Drop a link below for a lens or two.  It can be your newest, your oldest, your highest, your lowest, your favorite or the one you hate the most.  Just share a link, and take a moment to visit the other links people have shared as well, because sharing is what makes Squidoo fun!

If you are NOT a member of Squidoo, then you should give it a shot.  It makes it easy to create webpages for all the things you love.  You could even earn a little cash along the way.



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  1. Thanks so much for the mention. Maybe I should have linked up 2 of my crafting type lenses, but when with one close to the top of my list and one close to the bottom again.


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