Sunday, November 24, 2013

Squidoo Sunday - 11/24

Hello and Happy Squidoo Sunday to all of my friends!

Sorry I missed last week (again) but on that Sunday I was still in the hospital with my newborn.  As of Nov. 14th 2013 I became a mommy again.

I have found time to make ONE new lens though.

On Monday I was able to come home, and Monday was also my older sons birthday.  He got a toy for his birthday that he absolutely LOVES, so I decided to write a review lens on it.

Play-Doh Trash Tossin' Rowdy the Garbage Truck

He loved this toy so much he played with nothing else for DAYS after his birthday.  Of course you can click above to visit the lens and find out exactly why this is such a GREAT toy for him, and why it would make a good toy for other little boys and girls too.

Now, in my previous post came back as my most loyal linker!

One of her links this week was an album review.

KT Tunstall - "Tiger Suit"

If you didn't click on her links last week I suggest you give a click above and find out what the thought about KT Tunstall's album "Tiger Suit" as well as some of the thoughts that her 14 year old had on the same album.

Now is the part that evryone loves.  Drop a link below for a lens or two.  It can be your newest, your oldest, your highest, your lowest, your favorite or the one you hate the most.  Just share a link, and take a moment to visit the other links people have shared as well, because sharing is what makes Squidoo fun!

If you are NOT a member of Squidoo, then you should give it a shot.  It makes it easy to create webpages for all the things you love.  You could even earn a little cash along the way.




  1. Congratulations with the little new family addition ;)

  2. I'm behind but finally made it! Thanks for highlighting one of my lenses.
    I didn't realize you had the baby. I have some catching up to do!! Congrats!


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