Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgving Eve Friends

It is a cold night out there.  I'm sitting here with icy feet thinking I should get out of the computer chair and into bed but don't wanna get undressed in order to change into my Jammies.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I will be fixing the ham as usual.  Its going to be a bittersweet day.  Lots of family are supposed to be coming, but it is our first Thanksgiving without my father-in-law and I'm going to miss him telling me how good my ham is and just being there in general.

I'm also going to miss MY family.  I never get to see any of them anymore EVER.  I get super homesick around the holidays.

 We have our new little boy though, so that makes for a happy thing.  Spencer is a good baby!

Robert had to work late tonight because of the holiday.  I never sleep well when he's not here so I've been spending some time tonight working on a couple of my older blogs.  I also downloaded scribefire, which I hope will encourage me to start posting in ALL of my blogs more often.

But for now I guess I need to call it a night and crawl into bed.  Its almost midnight and I'm sure Spencer will be waking up in a couple of hours with a hungry tummy.


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