Monday, October 28, 2013

Foam Mosaic Activity Kits

With Halloween just a few days away, many of the Halloween crafts have gone on clearance at the local craft stores.

I saw this Foam Mosaic Activity Kit Jack o' Lantern (along with a ghost and a black cat) at Michael's Arts and Crafts.

I've been searching for more crafts that Parker and I can do together, and to help him get more interested in making things than watching things.  (I fear he watches too much TV.)  I thought about how much he loved sticking his reward stickers to his potty chart, and thought that he might really like trying to do this.

The kit, once opened, is sort of like a paint by number, except it is really a "Sticker by Number."  It comes with several foam squares with white paper backs.  You pulled the backs off to reveal the sticky on the foam, and stick it to its matching color.

This particular kit had 4 numbers to cover. #1 was plain orange.  #2 was glittery orange.  #3 was plain blue.  #4 was glittery blue.

I know that Parker knows his colors but was unsure if he would know the numbers on sight.  Since I had 2 colors of blue and 2 colors of orange I was worried that he might get confused about which orange and which blue went to which space.

I didn't have to worry though.  Once I told him that the glittery blues went to the number 4, and asked him to show me which one was number 4 he did with no problem.  He knew EXACTLY where to stick everything.

There was a little bit of frustration however.  He had a HARD time getting the paper back off of the foam squares.

If they had all been on a solid sheet instead of each little square having its own backing he would not have had such a problem.

As it was, after trying several on his own, he finally preferred for me to peel the back off and hand him the color for him to stick down.

Once we started doing it that way the whole thing went like clockwork.

There was one "accident" where 2 foam squares got stuck together and I coudln't get them back apart.  In the end we were short 2 squares so there was not a lot of room for mistakes here.

There was another "accident" where Parker stuck a foam piece  in his hair.  Luckily it came out really easily.

In the end he was VERY proud of his accomplishment.  He took it to show his Daddy (who was working in the dining room) and then he said, "I made this.  This is MINE!  I'm going to put it in my room!"  And that is exactly what he did.

 Parker showing off his finished mosaic.

He did have so much fun working on this mosaic kit that I do plan on getting him more in the future.  The Michael's has some Thanksgiving ones, and maybe will have christmas ones too.

As he gets older I can upgrade him to more complicated moscias, like this Dinosaur Peel And Press Sticker By Number by Melissa & Doug

Or maybe the Orb Factory Sticky Mosaic Pirates which comes with 4 different mosaic pictures to create!

Or, if your little crafter is more into princesses than pirates there are also Enchanted Kingdom mosiac kits and even ones to make Disney Princess Mosaic Tiaras

As for the Creatology Pumpkin Mosaic Foam Activity Kit I picked up at Michael's Arts and Crafts, here are my final thoughts:


* Helps children learn colors and numbers.
*  Peeling and placing the stickers helps with getting a handle on motor control.
*  A fun activity for young children to do WITH parents or older siblings.
*  Even though it said for ages 6+, my (almost) 4 year old didn't have any problem working on this one.


*  The squares are small and hard for big fingers (or really small ones) to handle easily.
*  The paper backing on the small squares does not come off easily.  Also, the paper backing is cut to fit the squares, it would be more simple if the foam squares were set on one solid sheet.
*  Not very many "extra" foam squares.  There were EXACTLY enough for the orange (#1) spaces.  Since 2 of the pieces had "accidents" we were short 2 pieces to finish.  (I talked him into covering them with 


This is NOT a sponsored review.  I did not receive any free products or monetary compensation from any of the companies mentioned.  The thoughts and opinions expressed are all mine.

However, if you purchase an item through the amazon links provided on my page I will receive a small commission. 

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