Sunday, September 8, 2013

Squidoo Sunday - 9/8/13

Hello again to all my Squid friends!

Sunday has rolled around for one more week.

Sadly, it has also been another week of me being a TOTAL slacker on my own squidoo lenses!  Again I've made nothing new, and have not edited any of the old ones either!

My lens "Make Your Own Bulletin Board" is holding tight to my #1 lens spot.  You might want to check that one out if you're looking for a fun and USEFUL low cost craft to do with a child, tween or teen.  It might even work great for a college student!

A little surprisingly, my lens "Doodle Cake Crayons" has moved up in ranks a bit.  In this lens I review the Doodle Cake Crayon maker by Alex.  I show my finished product, and share a tip I learned in the process. 

This past week lensmaster marsha32 added a couple of her wonderful lenses to the linky including:

See that simply adorable rug up there?  Its under the equally adorable kitten?  Well, this lens is all about how she makes them!  This lens includes many wonderful photographs starting from when the rug was just strips to cloth to how it looks now, almost finished.

She also share instructional videos and links to other media that will help you out if you want to get hooked on rug making!

Please take a moment to visit My Toothbrush Rugs and let marsha32 know what you think of her tallent.  Feel free to visit a few of her other lenses too!

Incidentally it was a hop on her blog Marsha's Spot that inspired me to make Squidoo Sundays!

If you are NOT a member of Squidoo, then you should give it a shot.  It makes it easy to create webpages for all the things you love.  You could even earn a little cash along the way.




  1. I find it much more pleasurable to work on my own blogs, seeing that I won't lock myself.. LOL I have not made any new lenses since March when the filters rolled out. I still have about 29 with yellow flags too. With sales being so low, I'm hardly motivated to fix or make new ones. Hopefully I will muster up some motivation before Christmas comes. Peace!

    1. I was lucky. I only had one lens locked, and was able to get it unlocked with one simple change (removing a list of book in a series that they were calling too much copied content). Overall I've been missed by all the filters shutting everyone else down.

  2. Hey there Nona! I am submitting my blog post link again today, so I do hope you stop by!

    I am also submitting my Squidoo lens with highest sales this past week. I have sold 3 indoor solar chimes via the lens this week! I love Squidoo!

  3. Well I have been a slacker too on Squidoo and will be until I know where the site is going and if it's still worth most of my online time (currently it's not. Last year it was worth 90% of my online time because I was making a killing on Squidoo).

    So now...I focus on my own site and other platforms...and keep selling on eBay.


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