Sunday, September 1, 2013

Squidoo Sunday - 9/1/13

Happy Sunday friends.

Not only happy Sunday, but Happy September!

A brand new month has come upon us.  It seems like this year has been going by at crazy mad speed!

Once again I have not done much of anything with my own Squidoo lenses this past week.  I've tried to visit and give some love to my lensmaster friends however!

Oh, and I did get an e-mail saying that I made a couple of sales from my "Stephen King, My Favorite Author" lens.  

You can check out that lens at: STEPHEN KING, MY FAVORITE AUTHOR

And my lowest ranking lens this week is Down the Drain by Daniel Pyle.  My book review lenses never do seem to do very well.  You can check out that lens at:  Down the Drain by Daniel Pyle

Now, my wonderful lensmaster friend Ruthi linked up with the linky again last week.  She shared a great lens:

In this lens she shares some wonderful postcards showcasing our own Stars and Bars, the American Flag.  She also shares some great historic postcards from various wars from the Civil war to Vietnam!  Definitely worth a look, especially if you are a postcard enthusiast.  

If you are NOT a member of Squidoo, then you should give it a shot.  It makes it easy to create webpages for all the things you love.  You could even earn a little cash along the way.




  1. It's nice to see you doing a linky. I have been slacking on my blog period, but maybe one week I will get back to my Thursday Squidoo linky.

  2. Winona, you are such a sweet one to highlight my postcard lens. Thank you! I missed linking up last Sunday but have it on my ToDo list not to miss tomorrow!

    Marsha, I do wish you would get your Hop and Squidoo back up and running too!


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