Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Space I Have, Space I Need

Cleaning out and Moving my office from a room of its on into my teeny tiny bedroom has been more traumatizing for me than I even thought it would be.

Here's a little tour of what I'm facing.

Instead of getting to watch the squirrels play on my trees, and the lizards chasing bugs in the bushes (not to mention the drug deals going down on the corner) this is now my LOVELY view from my desk.

The side of my neighbors house, and his junker car.  Guess I'll be leaving the curtains shut and facing a wall of blue fabric instead.

Now, to the immediate right of my desk is my bed.  When when I say immediate I mean they are physically touching each other.  Then, on the wall to the right of the bed is my "storage"

The boxes you see on the shelf on the right are actually hanging OFF off the shelf, they are too long for it.  That means I can't walk past them to get into bed, I have to climb into bed from the foot.  And the shelf is covering part of the closet door on the right too.  The radio on top is not plugged in, there is no outlet on that wall.

Now, all the empty shelf space you see is ALL OF THE STORAGE SPACE I HAVE LEFT.  That's right.  That little bit of empty space is all the room I have to make my craft room fit into.

Now, wanna see how much I have left to move?

Now, ONE of those two bookshelves can go into the living room beside my Stephen King shelf that got moved there already, but the rest of that is supposed to somehow fit on those tiny little shelves I have left.

I guess what I really need is a loft bed so that I can sleep by the ceiling and have more space underneath it.  Except that wouldn't work either.  Our tiny house with tiny rooms comes with low ceilings.  Not to mention I'd never be able to heft myself up a ladder into bed every night.  Specially when hauling a newborn. 


  1. How bout loft bed when parker is older... Then bunny sleeps under and their things that don't fit in small room fits in half the other room... Remaining half is your craft space? Doesn't help now.. How bout shoe plastic holders? I hang on back of my doors and use it to keep craft stuff in. You should cover that Window with some craft inspiration.... What about wall space? Above your bed? You could put a shelf for craft stuff

  2. :( Sorry Nona. I know it sucks to not have your own space - maybe the boys can share a room when the baby is a little older...


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