Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Shopping for the Baby

We went shopping for things for the nursery today.  We being my mother in law, myself, and my son.

First we went to JoAnne's fabric to pick up some fabric to make a couple of light blankets for Parker.  He picked out one with telephones all over it for some reason, and I picked out one that was batman for him too.  (Pictures to come when my MIL finishes sewing the edges on them.)

After that we went to Babies 'R Us.  That is where we got Parker's farm themed crib bedding set when he was born.  This time I didn't find anything I wanted.

I also thought the receiving blankets were a bit over priced.  $18 for just 4 receiving blankets.  No thank you! Though the bibs were buy one get one 50% off, so we got a pair, including one that says "If Mommy Says No Ask Grandma " which is just about right. lol

Of course Parker, being not quite 4, turned out to be a hyperactive handful today, so we really spend more time chasing him around and scolding him than we did shopping.

In Sears he decided it would be super fun to RUN AWAY from us.  It is the first time he's ever done such a thing.  He got in trouble when we caught him, and then started screaming and crying.

After that we just left and went to Golden Corral for lunch.  The highlight of THAT was that I played one of those crane games where you are supposed to grab a toy, and I won not one but TWO dinosaurs in one bite!  Go me with my mad skill.  lol

We did, however, find a couple of baby things at K-mart after lunch.

One of the things we got was this cute crib set!

It is a Disney 101 Dalmatians Crib Bedding Set.  Well, actually the one we got was only a 4 piece.  It has everything the 5 piece does except for the crib bumper.

I sort of wanted to wait and see if I could find an underwater or Sea Life Baby Crib Nursery Bedding Set , but it all seemed to be monkeys for some reason.  Monkeys or sports.  Now I have nothing against monkeys, I've just never wanted a monkey themed nursery for a baby.

Not to mention that Parker's nickname is (sometimes) Monkey.

But little Lucky from Disney's 101 Dalmatian's smiling at me from the front of the bag this crib set was in was too much for me to resist. 

We also got a pack of 4 receiving blankets for $8 (instead of $18) and a "lovey" toy that is a teddy-bear head and arms on a soft blankie.  Parker picked it out for his brother.  He had one when he was little that was a blue puppy he loved.

After that my MIL and I were both pretty tired and Parker and I were both getting kind of cranky, so we came home to show off to Daddy what we got!

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