Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Have Hammer, Will Build

I have always sort of taken pride in the fact that I never "NEED" a man to build something for me.  I can use a hammer, and a screwdriver.  I'm not afraid of an electric drill and while I've never used a saw before I wouldn't be opposed to giving it a try.  I'm totally capable of following directions, once I find the ones written in English.  The thought of furniture that comes in a box instead of pre-built doesn't scare me a bit.

So, we had been on a thrifty hunt for a chest of drawers for Parker's room in our price range.  Our price range is $100 or lower.  We had not been having too much luck.  Shopping thrifty and goodwill, small chest of drawers we found that would work for a toddler's bedroom was either still out of our price range, or too beat up.  I don't mind doing a little fixing, but some of them were press-board beyond saving.

We were not just looking for a cheap bedroom dresser though.  We wanted one that took up a little less space than his current dresser/changing table combo.  We also wanted to know it would grow with him for a few more years.  Nothing too small, nothing too big.

We were looking for the "baby bear's porridge" of toddler dressers.

Then, as luck would have it, hubby was looking through the target sales paper this week, and saw that they had a one on sale for just $99.  (Like the one on the upper left there, only in brown)

We had seen a 4-Drawer Dresser on amazon for even cheaper, but we both prefer to buy locally if we can.  That way if there is any problem its A LOT easier to return it to a local store than to ship it back somewhere.  Even more so when the something in question is as large and bulky as a dresser. 

Even more luck was on our side as we went into our local target an they had two in stock.  A light wood one like the one above, and an "espresso" brown one.  We decided to go with the espresso one.  It will go better with the twin bed that he'll be moving into once he outgrows his awesome race car bed.

So we went ahead and got it, rather than risk not finding something in a thrift store that we liked as well.

Meanwhile, Parker had gotten a new box of blocks today.  A Lego Duplo kit.

When we got home from Target I sat down to read the instruction manual, and hubby sat down to play Legos with the kid.

When I saw that it only took 3 tools (a hammer, a Phillips head and a flat head screwdriver) I wanted to start working on putting the dresser together TONIGHT.

Hubby would have rather waited until Friday.  But Friday we have to take the crib apart to move it because it won't fit out of the bedroom door while its together.  Then we have to put the crib back together.  Then we have to put the race car bed together.  So Friday is going to be busy enough without having to build the dresser too.

Besides, it only took 3 tools, the parts were not that heavy, and the instructions were amazingly in English.

I did what any self respecting DIY woman would do.  I grabbed my 3 tools and my box of parts and I built a drawer.  Then I built a second drawer.  Then a third.  Then a 4th.  Of course once I had built all 4 drawers I figured I might as well start on the body.

Well, despite the fact that I stopped for supper, and to give my son a bath, and to wash dishes, I got MOST of the thing built tonight. 

Tomorrow what I have left to do is to secure the back on, and attach the drawers to the drawer sliders and I'll be DONE building my dresser.  I find that to be pretty freaking awesome, if I do so say so myself.

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  1. Few more proud accomplishments than building something with your own two hands. I love assembling and creating my own furniture when I can and want to take woodshop classes to develop the skills!


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