Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Don't Text and Drive

Just for the record Texting Kills!  If you text while you drive you have a big chance of crashing into another moving vehicle, or a pedestrian, and killing yourself and the other people.  That is why so many states have made it illegal to text and drive at the same time.

Not that it has slowed people down any.  The addiction to cell phones and texting is so great the people are willing to risk not only their own lives but the lives of anyone around them just so they can can send messages to people.

For example, 

Last night was a dark and stormy night.  It was raining and thundering and lightning, and that means that people should be paying MORE attention to what they are doing when they are in control of a massive vehicle moving at high speeds.

The shopping center I work in is very busy.  Even at 9pm when everything in the place is closed people are still driving through like crazy.  So I'm in the habit of never taking for granted that I will have the streets to myself when I'm helping pull in shopping carts at night.

Last night I was outside pushing in some shopping carts (in the rain none the less).  Looking both ways before I crossed the street, just like I'm teaching my son to do, I made sure no car was in site when I started across the street from the parking lot to the store door.

I'm about halfway across when this lady comes FLYING around the curve.  She doesn't stop, or even slow down, at the stop sign close to our store.  She doesn't slow down in the least as she approaches me.

So, to sum it up:  I'm pushing a row of shopping carts.  I'm 6 months pregnant.  I'm about to be hit by a car!

I start jogging (not that you can move very fast pushing shopping carts and being HUGE), and I just do make it out of this crazy lady's way.

What was so important that she was willing to run me over for?

Well, she had a cell phone in her hand and was looking down at it the whole time, its screen lighting up her face as she looked down towards her lap instead of up at the street.

She never even looked up and was probably never aware that she almost killed me and my unborn child.

So please, please, PLEASE don't text and drive.

I don't give two poops if you run off a bridge and kill yourself because you can't look away from your electronic crack long enough to drive from point a to point b, but there is a whole world out people out there other than yourself.   And guess what!  None of us want to DIE because you thought that looking at a glowing screen instead of the dark street you're hurtling down was a good idea.

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