Sunday, July 28, 2013

Want vs. Need - Where should my money go?

Just lately I've made a little bit of money.  I sold a pair of Earrings from my Etsy shop Simple Treasures.

Even better, I've earned (and received) $75 bucks from Bubblews.  So for the first time in a long time I have a little exta money.

Now, anything I earn online is supposed to be my spending money.  My "Fun Money" so to speak.  I get to spend it on me instead of bills.

However, money is tight so I usually end up spending my money on things we need.  Little things like some milk or a pack of hot dogs for the kid.  Shampoo and razors for me.  Things like that.

Right now what I WANT is to buy a pasta machine so I can work with polymer clay a little easier. 

What I NEED is to buy a new pair of pants for work.  I have to wear kakhi's, and only have 2 serviceable pair right now, which often means coming home from work at 10:30 at night to do laundry.  I could also use some new socks, and new undies.

But I WANT that pasta machine.  And I can get half off of it right now!


Its always been a struggle for me.  I was born to a poor family.  Money is not something I have ever come by easily in my life, and I've always had to put a lot of thought into what I spent it on, because I've always known that once this is gone it might be a long while before I have anything else to spend in my pocket.


Then there is the GUILT I feel whenever I spend money on a want instead of a need. 

To some extent I'm able to stave off that guilt with craft supplies becuase, in theory, I can turn around and sell the items I make and earn some of that spent money back.

In theory, because sales have been down like crazy just lately.


I'm sitting here comparing a list of all the things I WANT to a list of all the things I NEED and I'm thinking that maybe, maybe, just MAYBE I'll splurge on that pasta machine today. 

Unless my guilt gets the best of me.

Because I WANT that pasta machine.  But there are so many things I NEED....

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