Friday, June 7, 2013

Adventures wth Squidoo

Before I get into the "drama" here are my Squidoo updates!

I created:
FOUND POETRY : A lens all about my  found poetry collages.

My lens:
COFFEE DOUGH : was awarded a purple star, and added to the  lens master spotlight "20 Craft Lenses We Love"

Lens Unlocked
CEREMONY IN DEATH : A book review lens that was locked hours after it was published was unlocked this week, making me happy indeed.

My least viewed Lens:
Nona's Needlework (and more) : a lens about my etsy shop got a makeover, stating that the name of the shop has changed and announcing

Now, onto the juicy bit:

I've been a member of squidoo for some time, but have never done too much with it. To me it seems to take a lot of time and effort to make a lens, and then I earn 0 dollars wit it.

Looking at other peoples lenses I always thought, "Well, that's what I'm doing wrong." As other people seemed to be hawking products. Nothing personal at all, with eleventy-billion amazon links to whatever item the lens was supposed to be "about."

Seemed to me that everyone's lenses were not really "about" anything at all. My lenses which really did talk about how I felt about books I read, or trying to get my first aquarium going, never stood a chance.

Now that Squidoo has changed their tune, I thought I'd give it another try. I need to work on my "non-blog" type writing anyway.

So what do you think happened? None of my old lenses were locked in the change, so I was pretty sure I knew how to create a Squidoo approved lens.

So OF COURSE the very first new lens I posted got locked.

They said it had too much duplicate content to elsewhere on the web.

It was a book review lens. What it HAD was a list of the 30 something other books in the same series. Something I didn't consider plagiarism, and something I thought the lens needed.

Well, I was steamed. I removed that particular module, and contacted support without much hope. I had heard that lenses are almost never unlocked.

I vowed to never waste my time creating another lens again, since I never earned anything from them anyway.

Well, wouldn't you know it that just as soon as I made that declaration 3 things happened.

1) They unlocked my locked lens.
2) I got a purple star trophy (which is a high rating on a lens)
3) I had a lens featured in an official squidoo list of lenses.

Want to check out some other wonderful lenses? Visit the hop!


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