Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Year of Me - Day 2

Today didn't offer much in the way of things to smash, but I did my pages like a good girl.  Day 2 is too early to give up!

I did dye my hair again today.  I made it redder than the dye left it 2 days ago.

At least the 2 dye boxes gave me something to stick in.  lol
(The ColorEazy opens up and more journaling is inside there.  The tea paper opens up too, and the instructions on how to make hot and cold tea are inside.)

Meanwhile, not much went on today.

Robert is still working on building more/new shelves for what I'm starting to call his "man cave."  He's trying to fit the same ammount of stuff into a smaller space.  In theory he's going to move HIS computer desk into the man cave so we can move MY desk...or a bookshelf, or something, into the dining room where the computer desk is now.

In theory we are trying to figure out how to scatter all of the things in my office to different parts of the house to make room for the baby.

In reality I think he just wanted an excuse to re-do his man cave.

Though, for a little over an hour right before supper Parker and I went over to Nanna's house to go swimming.  

She tightened up the straps on the bathing suit so that, even though the chest is still too big, they don't slip down my shoulders anymore.

The exercise was good for me, and I got a little sun too.  The downside was that, having just dyed my hair, I coudln't duck under the water or float on my back.  But I had LOADS of fun playing with Parker in the water.  He loves the pool so much.

After his bath tonight he fell asleep watching Dr. Who with his dad.  You KNOW he's played hard when he falls asleep on the sofa.

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  1. Good luck with getting it all moved around. I need to move stuff here to fit. Not. As needed as for you. I have some. Organization stuff on Pinterest. I'm not sure how helpful any would be though


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