Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Dog and the Kool-aid

The wonderful Jo Ann of Chronicles prompted her readers, "write about indecisiveness".  And since I could not decide what I wanted to write about, I thought it worked out great as a prompt.

Now, there could be any number of things I could write about pertaining to my own decisiveness or lack thereof but I think the story of the dog and the kool-aid probably sums it up best.  

First of all, yes I am a grown woman, and yes I still drink kool-aid.  No regrets.  I have a nice sweet cup of Tropical Punch beside me right now.  With extra sugar even.

Anyway, I drink Kool-aid, and I usually have several packs in the cabinet.  That is just wonderful since I like to drink it, and horrible, because its different flavors, and that means having to make a decision.

Picture me standing in my kitchen with kool-aid packs spread out in front of me like a handful of poker cards. 

Do I want Tropical Punch?  That is my favorite. But I haven't had orange in a long time.  Oh, and lemonade is just PERFECT for the weather.  Ohhhh...which one do I want!?!

This is, of course, a choice of epic proportions.

Here come the labrador, enter stage right.  Certainly when he tap danced his way into the kitchen he only wanted a drink of water.  But I was standing between him and his water dish, stressing over which flavor of powdered drink goodness I wanted to partake in.

So I did what any sane woman would do.  I held the cards out to him.

"Boomer," I said. "Which one of these do I want to drink?"

He looked at me for a second like I had lost my mind.  He was probably trying to figure out exactly waht I wanted from him.  I hadn't given him a command he knew.  But I had something in my hands.  Maybe it was a yummy something?

He reached his head up to sniff at the kool-aid packs.  It was not a yummy something, so he brushed past me to get the drink I wanted.

And I promptly mixed up the flavor of kool-aid in the pack that he had sniffed at.  I think it might have been strawberry.  I really don't remember now.

However, that just goes to show how utterly indecisive I am.  I leave it up to my dogs to tell me what I want do drink.

Goodness help us all if I ever have to make a major, world altering decision.  I might just have to ask the rats.


I've updated some of my squidoo lenses.  It would be awesome if you would go check them out!

I added a new into and a new poll to my Down the Drain review lens:
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