Monday, April 8, 2013

Cleaning/Organizing My Craft Room

Well, I'm trying to face reality here.

For YEARS I've been arguing for my own office/craft room in our house.  Fairly recently my husband gave in and the spare room became ALL MINE.

Now that a second child is on the way I know that I'm going to have to give up my craft room to baby #2.
Its TOTALLY worth it, but....

Since I got my own space I've spread out a bit.  I have stuff, and things, that I didn't have when my craft space and my bedroom were one and the same.

While our newest bundle of joy is MONTHS away yet, I'm hoping to get a good bit of use out of the space still.  For now, I'm trying to clean, organize and downsize.

Well, tonight I cleaned off my desk top.  Sounds simple, but its always an undertaking.

I'm a messy person.  A messy, messy, MESSY person.  Always have been.

The results:

The entire desk was a mountain of stuff.  Empty medicine bottles my son plays with.  Empty soda bottles I keep procrastinating taking to the recycle bin.  Small scraps of paper with notes from work on them.  Used tissue, candy wrappers, random hair elastics, glue sticks, tape, all kinds of stuff.

A lot of it got trashed.  Some of it got put in the drawers.  Some of it got moved to the craft table off camera to the left.

Tomorrow I think I'm going to tackle the drawers, then work my way to the crafting table, then over to the bookshelves on the left side of the room.

I'm gong to sort through my ephemera and get ready to sell some of the stuff I've bought but not used.  And to better organize the stuff I know I'm gonna keep, but have no idea where I'm gonna put it when my bedroom and craft room become one again.

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  1. Looks good! When I work it's hard to prevent a mess, pricing stuff, merchandise everywhere, etc. So I feel your pain. I gotta do some clean-up every single day to keep the home clean and sane.


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