Friday, March 15, 2013

Talking To Yourself

A night or two ago at work I found myself cleaning the waterless urinal in the mens room.

I'm all about being "green" but waterless urinals are the worlds most disgusting thing.  They just kind of collect urine.  So it gets full of yellow/orange stains.  That is the stainage of straight man pee.  So, I'm leaning over a stinky urinal trying to clean the urine of men I've never met off of it, and I found myself talking to myself.

Not that me talking to myself is that odd.  I talk to myself a lot.  I think most people talk to themselves.  Its just a human thing.

However, I was talking to myself in the 3rd person.

"Nona," I said out loud, "I hate your job."

*pause a beat*

"Yeah.  I do too."

And then I realized what I had said, and thought, "Either I'm finally going crazy or the pee fumes are getting to me."

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