Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring and Flora Homicide

Spring has arrived.  At least that is what the keep telling me.  Its actually cooler out there now than it has been through the entirety of winter I think.

I suppose I should beleive the plants over my own skin tells me though.  Pollen is drifting through the air in yellow clouds, and the tree in my back yard has burst into a million tiny white flowers.

I have no idea what the tree is, but its very pretty through the year.  Greens, reds, white, it wears a variety of colors.

So, with spring (hypothetically) in the air, I've started thinking about growing things.

I'm bad with plants.  I have a black thumb.  If its vegetation, there is a good chance I will murder it.  Every  year I plant flowers.  Every year I kill flowers.  Last year I tried a couple of fruits and veggies.  I killed those too.

I'm still thinking about trying again though.  In fact, I have a pack of sunflower seeds here that is begging me to start them.  I'm good at starting plants.  I've started several through the years, and they trived wonderfully in their little indoor habitats.  Its when the turn into teenaged plants and I kick them out of my house that they die.

This year I'm thinking about trying to make a "mini-greenhouse" out of an old soda bottle, and see if I can start some seeds outdoors, despite the frigid spring that is outside my door.

I'm trying to come up with more "green" projects to do around the house.  Things like the tote bag I made out of a recycled magazine pages:

So, do  you have any handy gardening tips for a beginner with a tendency to mass murder plants?  Do you have any "green" gardening tips, or ways I can recycle household garbage in an eco-friendly way?  Have any seeds you want to send me, cause all I've got is these sunflowers.  :)

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