Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Have An Announcement

Several days ago I took a test.  The next morning I took another one just to be sure.  Both showed two little pink lines.

Looks like Parker is going to be a big brother!

We were sitting on the news, other than telling the people I work with because they deserve to know why I'm spending more time than usual in the restroom (peeing or puking....pregnancy is not very glamorous) and as a fair warning to management that if I had to flee from a confused customer leaving them angrily behind that there really was a good reason for it.

However, hubby broke down and told his mom yesterday, so I messaged both of my brothers today.  So now I just have to tell the whole world, cause I overshare like that.

I've not been to my OB yet.  I've not even taken an "official" test yet, just the home tests.  Its still super early and we all know things happen, but right now I'm as happy as I can possibly be.  Sick as a dog who ate rat poison, but happy nonetheless. 

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