Saturday, March 30, 2013

An Afternoon Outside

Today actually did feel a little like spring for a change.  So despite Parker still being a little sick, I decided it was safe to take him outside to play for a bit.

He was super happy about it.  He has not been able to go out much just lately as it is always raining, or too cold, or he's too sick.

He made a beeline for the sandbox and hopped right in.  He spend most of the hour we spent out there he spent in his sandbox.

While he was at it, I did a little outside work.  Some of that included taking the trashcan outside and washing it.  Since we've all been sick it had gotten full to overflowing, and developed some kind of yucky fluid buildup.  I also took the rats cage apart and gave it a good cleaning.

I love my little rat girls, so I'm sad to say that this pair will probably be the last ones I have as companions for a long time.  With child #2 on the way, and my crazy needy Labrador, and all the other stuff I have to take care of, I have to cut back on my responsibilities a bit.

After that I started looking around at the pots on my patio.  Usually around now my MIL and I would have gone flower shopping, but that is not going to happen this year.  My pots are looking a little sad and empty.

However, some of them wont be empty long.  The orange lillies that never bloomed last year are coming up in 2 different pots.  The bucket I had moss roses in last year is springing forth with little baby moss roses, which excites me to no end because I kept forgetting to collect their seeds last year like I wanted.

Best of all, the hydrangea I got from my dad's funeral, which I was CERTAIN I had managed to murder over the summer is sprouting new leaves!  I got a second chance with it.  GOODY!

Also, the trees in my yard are being ravaged by Spanish moss.  That stuff is all over this city.  And while its pretty hanging from those giant ancient oak trees, its not quite the same when its strangling my flowering pear tree.

I started pulling down all of it I could reach, and thought, "People pay $5 a bag for this where I work, they could totally just go pick their own!"

Now I have a small-ish hunk of moss that I'm looking at going, "I KNOW there is something I can do with this stuff."  I don't know what yet, but I'll probably hold on to it for a while.  It'll probably end up in the trash at some point though.

Lastly, right before we went back inside, I snapped a picture of the "Rat Graveyard."

It was a dogs grave already there when we moved in, and my little beloved but short lived pets have been burried in that area ever since.  I used to spruce it up a couple a times a year, but I don't think I've really don ANYTHING to it in at least a year.  Maybe longer.

If Parker feels up to playing in the yard tomorrow I might go out there and clean it up real pretty again, it sure needs it.

So, how was your Saturday?  Is the weather nicer where you are today?  Did you go outside at all?

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  1. I'm trying to be outside as much as possible, it is SO NICE out. Gonna get out riiight now ;)


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