Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just Five Things

I keep a to-do list.  It is always very long.

One day my to-do list filled up 2 entire pages of a legal pad. 

The good thing about these lists is that I know exactly what I need to be doing.  Every single little tiny thing.  The bad thing is that I'm so overwhelmed by the sheer number of things that need to be done that I end up not doing any of them.

Its not procrastination exactly.  I don't think, "I'll do it later."  In fact I find myself thinking, "I'm never going to get all of that done, so why bother doing any of it?"

I think I've found the answer to my to-do list phobia though.

I call it, "Just Five Things."

And it really is as simple as it sounds.

Instead of filling up 2 legal pad pages of things I need to do, I write down 5 things.  Just 5, never more.  And, I ONLY have 5 things to do!

Here's where it gets a little more "complicated" though.

If I have more than 5 things the need to be done, then when I cross one item off of my to-do list, I can add one more item.  But before I can add one more thing, I have to cross off one thing.  So that there is never more than 5 things to be done.

There is one more rule though.  The things on the list have to be small goals.  No huge and complicated tasks.  If it IS a huge task, then it must be broken down into smaller parts.

For example, if I want to "Go through all of Parkers clothes to take out what has gotten too small."  I don't put that as my task.  I might instead add:
  • Sort Parker's shirts
  • Sort Parker's pants
  • Sort Parker's sleepwear
  • Wash Dishes
  • Fold Laundry
See, there are 5 things on that list to do.  So if I get bored with cloth sorting I can move on to another task, then go back to the clothes later, and STILL be working on my to-do list.

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  1. Love this Idea. My to do list is similar. I will try this.


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