Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Book Review: "Carrots" by Colleen Helme

Format: Kindle

Started Jan. 2013
Finished Jan. 2013

Shelby needed some carrots to go with dinner, so she stopped at the store to get some.  Little did she know, those carrots would change her life as she knows it....forever.

Because, while she is getting her carrots, someone is robbing the bank in the store, and she gets shot!

Lucky for her, she survived.  Unluckily she is different.  She can now read other peoples minds.  Something that make her, and her husband, very unhappy.

Then things get tricky as she finds herelf using her new tallent to help both the local police AND the local mob  boss!

It is actually a very fun read.  I stayed up till after 3am 2 nights in a row reading it because I just HAD to know what happened next!

Not only was the story fun and captivating, but the characters are not what you would expect either.  Not a lot of the same tired cliche of characters you'd usually find in similar novels.

I would DEFIANTLY recommend this book.

I rate it 4 stars: ABOVE AVERAGE

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