Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bad Start to the New Year

Noner Says: "Not only is my glass half empty, but its got a crack in it and the rest is leaking out."

I'm a pessimist.  Everyone who has ever known me for any real length of time knows that.  Well, some people don't see it as pessimism as much as "complaining" or "whining."  But, seriously, bad things seek me out like ants seek out pick-nicks.

Starting off I've been sick since September.  Not just one kind of sick, but one thing after another after another.  A UTI then a tooth infection that ended up having to be a pulled tooth, followed by a throat infection, that turned into something I call the Alien Plague which stuck around for about a month, then another UTI, and now I have a sinus infection.

Then there is work.  I was cut back to part time, but all through Christmas I was still working full time hours.  Well, full time minus 1or 2 hours so they can still call me part time and not have to give me those pesky full time benefits like vacation and paid stick time off.  I was still the only part timer working 9 hour shifts.

Well, after Christmas part time hours were cut.  It happens every year.  Even my hours were cut.

I was actually looking at that as a good thing.  I mean, .less money is going to be seriously painful, but I'm desperate for more time at home and less time being verbally abused by the masses.

The week of New Years I was supposed to be off 3 days in a row.  I was super excited.  I never get 2 days off, most less 3.  But I didn't get 3 days off in a row.  I was asked to work one of them (another full time week).

And this week, I was off 3 days again, supposedly.  Not in a row, but still off.  On Wednesday, the first day I was supposed to be off, we decide to go to the mall.  I was going to shop at AC Moore, and we were going to take Parker to the playground.

Well, while we were in the parking lot, having just gotten there, work called, saying I was supposed to be there at 1:30.  They had changed my schedule without telling me.  In fact, the copy of the schedlue posted in the break room still clearly said I was supposed to be off.

That was my 9th day in a row working without a day off, and I was tired and cranky.  I ended up getting in arguments with both my mangers that night.

Not that its always happening to me personally.  Bad things happen to those I care about too.  Glass half empty, by association.

The day after Christmas my father in law fell down and broke his leg.  A couple days later he went BACK to the hospital.  He's still there.

My husband's 88 year old grandmother went to the hospital too.  She has the flu.

So my mother in law, who is also my son's favorite person in the whole world, is at the hospital most of the day every day, and he is going through Nanna withdrawals and is taking it out on mama.

This new year is starting off so badly that I'm about ready to find a really, really, REALLY big rock to hide under until 2014.

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