Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tall Red Flowers Journal Spread

Today my son went with his Nanna to visit her mom, and it was just me and hubby.  My pleas to hubby for us to go to the Dollar Tree went unheeded as he sat and watched 2 old James Bond movies from start to finish.

Meanwhile, pouting, I locked myself in my bedroom and made this:

I started with an un-gessoed spread in my journal.

One thing I love about it is that the only thing a paintbrush was used for on this entire piece was to spread the glue out.  Everything else was done with a paper towel or spray bottle.

Since a spray was used, and since I like the finished piece, I've decided to enter this in limor's October Contest for a chance to win an online gift certificate for Lindy's Stamp Gang.

And, here is a video of the whole process (in fast forward and set to music):


  1. I love it!! You should lock yourself in your room more often!! and your husband should take you to the dollar store!! Something about how you splotched your paint with paper towels really pulled on me! I just have to try this out this weekend. Hope to see more of your stuff

    1. Thank you. If he had taken me to the dollar store it would have been an entirely different page, one with silk flowers on it.

      The paper towel splotch background is my current favorite. I used it on the other two projects I posted here most recently as well (the ghoul girl and the halloween tag)

      I'm glad you like it, and do hope to share more soon. I enjoy getting feedback, it makes me want to create more.


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